Stopping A Problem Before It Starts

The Judgment Index™
The JI is a logic based instrument: it is not an IQ test, personality profile, or mental health assessment. Through parameters of logic, the JI provides measurable metrics around the outcomes influenced by evaluative judgment in the decisions and choices that people make. Taking the JI requires about 15 minutes of undivided attention in which the user ranks two sets of 18 phrases. There are no right or wrong answers, no good or bad results.
The JI predicts that a group of like individuals will rank order two sets of 18 phrases in similar and predictable ways. That is, individuals with strong leadership capacities will offer similar rankings. Top performers in a particular job group will provide uniquely similar patterns.
Stopping a problem before it starts:
As the Zen Master Suzuki-roshi said, “Everything is perfect, but there is a lot of room for improvement.”
At Silhouette, we work with our clients to make recommendations on improving what is already in place: analyzing how employees do their work, identifying areas for improvement, and working with management and their employees to implement these recommendations prior to the onset of injury.
However, we know that besides work equipment and technique, there are other less tangible aspects of employees and teams that are difficult to measure and are equally important to productivity. A company can experience enormous losses
if employees exhibit poor safety awareness, problem solving skills, decision making, or leadership skills. Teams may have problems collaborating and working effectively. Maybe it is difficult to find the person with just the “right fit” leading to high turnover.
Silhouette utilizes a unique assessment called The Judgment Index™ that provides insights into areas of strengths, stress levels, and where development is needed, both for individuals and teams. Knowing where development is needed is the first step in finding the right solution to bring your team to higher levels of performance. Gaining better insight into high performing employees translates into hiring the right person for the job, thus reducing turnover and training costs.
Silhouette’s preventive Ergonomic Worksite Assessment combined with The Judgment Index™ to help employees excel in their work offers employers a product which delivers an overall sense of goodwill in the minds of their employees. Individuals witness a commitment to their overall health and welfare in the workplace. Happy and healthy employees are more productive employees!