Return-to-Work Guidance

Unfortunately, employees sometimes suffer an injury or illness that limits their ability to perform usual work duties. These injuries may even require time off work for a prolonged period. When an employee does return to work with a prescription from the physician with activity limitations, an employer unversed in these protocols often finds it difficult to translate those limitations into the work place.
Silhouette regularly counsels employers through implementation of their Ergonomic Worksite Assessment, translating the physician’s report into appropriate work tasks for their employee. Together with the supervisor and employee, a plan is developed for getting that person back to work safely.
Silhouette may act as the liaison in the communication process between the treating provider and the payor if needed. It is our goal to return the employee to work, matching their capabilities with their job demands. Work is an important part of our daily life, and getting back to work safely as soon as one is able leads to a healthy worker and healthy workplace.