Silhouette Consulting

Creating a healthy workplace.

Silhouette Consulting provides cost-effective plans for employers focusing on both preventative and post-injury ergonomic work place assessments.

Ergonomic Worksite Assessments

We provide tailored programs based upon thorough investigations of each client’s work place environment. Our goal is to prevent the potential for the onset of injury in the workplace as well as providing solutions to help resolve an injury if a symptom is evidenced.

Managing Workers and Lost Time

We’ll help you determine if you have practices in place which insure the most healthy workplace, and that when someone is off due to injury or illness you are ready to help transition them back to work.

Return-to-Work Guidance

We counsel employers through implementation of our Ergonomic Worksite Assessment, translating the physician’s report into appropriate work tasks for your employee. Together with the supervisor and employee, a plan is developed for getting that person back to work safely.

Stopping A Problem Before It Starts

We utilize a unique assessment called The Judgment Index™ that provides insights into areas of strengths, stress levels, and where development is needed, both for individuals and teams. Knowing where development is needed is the first step in finding the right solution to bring your team to higher levels of performance.

Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs whether self-employed, a small business, or a large corporation. Serving employers in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.